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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Inventory NMB Nest #1

NMB Nest #1 was laid at 46th Ave South, Windy Hill Section of NMB.  Horry County Police were told of a nesting turtle on the beach as they were driving down the beach to patrol the unincorporated section of Horry County south of 48th Ave South in NMB.  They stopped and protected the nesting turtle until she finished and returned to the water.  NMB Public Safety arrived shortly after Horry County Police and both helped put up poles and rope to protect the nesting area until it could be worked in the morning.  This egg were moved to 8TH Ave North, a quieter, less lit up area to incubate.

On day 50 of incubation, a crack and small depression forms to the rear of the egg cavity.  A small hole opens, but nothing comes out.  Hard heavy rain storms after mid-night, sand becomes very hard evidence of any hatchlings emerging. 

 Day 52, more sand falls but still no hatchlings.   Just after 11PM, call comes in that 2 hatchlings have emerged but they are being harassed by some people on the beach, lights, flash pictures.  No other hatchlings are seen.  Day 53, sand has completely collapsed around egg chamber, around 9PM hatchings are marching down the sand to the water.  Major emergence, all go to ocean in less than 10 minutes. 

Very windy the next day, all holes and depressions are filled in, all tracks gone. Over next 3 days, one or two hatchlings emerge from the nest each night, all seem to go to the water.

Inventory on August 9th, 3 full nights after major emergence. 


   Digging into egg chamber, hard packed sand is found.  Egg shell and then some of the packed sand is moved, 3 hatchlings stumble out.  More digging into egg chamber, more egg shells removed, 3 more live hatchlings are found.  More egg shells removed, two more live hatchlings are found at the bottom of the nest.  

Inventory Results:

Nest was located on June 13th, 46th Ave S, Windy Hill
Relocated to 8th Ave N

120 eggs, 119 relocated, 1 egg taken for DNA

Major emergence on August 5th, Day 53

Inventory on August 9

115 Hatched eggs, 4 unhatched or whole eggs
8 live hatchlings released on beach
0 dead hatchlings
96.6%  Hatch Success Rate

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