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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Go Go Fest

Saturday, October 17th, First Annual Go Go Fest at the NMB New Sports Complex and Park......

Keep North Myrtle Beach Beautiful and Environmental Sculptures

What is a Go Go Fest?   A free festival featuring live music, entertainment, animals and more!   This Festival is designed to get adults and children off the computers and outside, learning about and enjoying the "Natural World."   Many environmental issues are featured as well as many vendors who specialize in the outdoor world....Get Offline ....Get Outside......

Environmental Sculptures created a huge Bass Sculpture which filled with trash collected just at this festival.  This bass will reside in the lake in this park and will be visible from Rt. 31........

The NMB Sea Turtle Patrol was there, featuring a display of trash picked up by Sea Turtle volunteers as they walked in the early morning on a undeveloped island just north of NMB....Waties Island......

The Patrol also talked about the sea turtles, how to join us next summer, why we do what we do......

STP Volunteer Beth created this large jig saw puzzle

It was very popular with all age groups


Treasures picked up during a walk on the beach in Cherry Grove
after the King Tides and Storms with high tides and record flooding in early 

Shay from Play Card not only brought a baby alligator but had a bearded dragon in her pocket

Alligator Adventure brought their big tortoise and

As well as a baby tortoise

And Six Pack...a turtle that had been caught in a discarded
six pack plastic ring holder when this turtle grew,
the portion of it's body caught in the pastic did not.....

The Center for Birds of Prey, Awendaw, SC. 

A Barred Owl......

Shark Tornado......Film Directors Laura and Robert Sams, Sisbro Studios
nature based films and books 

Oceana, Protecting the World's Ocean had a display against Seismic Testing and Off Shore Oil Drilling
Facts vs Fiction

Horry County Community Cleanup Day was represented

Home Depot helped Children plant a Pansy to take home

Horry Count Solid Waste Authority talked about the importance of recycling

SC Department of Natural Resources talked about our Life Outdoors

Doug Elliot, naturalist, herbalist, storyteller and wildlife artist, told stories and
lead several walks through the woods, talking about the trees, plants and nature.

A great day, great weather, beautiful park.......

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Bucket Full of Turtles!!!! Snapping Turtle Rescue

Major rain hits North Myrtle Beach.....Oct 2nd.....rainfall totals from 7pm Thursday - 7am Saturday. Over a foot in Little River

Major street flooding on Friday night, cars stranded as water level rises on the roads

Storm drains are over worked....Early Saturday morning call comes in from Lori, there are a lot of aquatic or land turtles all over the beach.  Quick drive down, sure enough, turtles are coming out of the storm drain pipes into about 2 feet of ocean water.....people are frantically watching for the turtles an grabbing them as the poor confused turtles try to get out of the deep ocean water.


Soon one bucket is full....

Two large bucket full of turtles.....14 in all
Taken to McLean

The bigger turtles immediately jumped into the water, the biggest one thanked me by taking  a chunk out of my knuckle
but that's OK

The smaller turtles were a little hesitate but soon ran to the water

Yes, fresh water!!!!

The smallest turtle, different from the rest,
Some sort of Musk Turtle?

Look closely at the nose

Tiny but I do not think it is a youngster, I believe a mature adult

Duck weather

But even some of the duck were tired of the rain

"I think I will wait here under the shelter until the rain stops"

Late day rescue....huge turtle swimming up and down the street....
22 Ave N, NMB


First look.....I am in trouble

Lok at that head, look at that tail

I do not want to mes with this guy.......

Only way to safely move the turtle, push it head first into the bucket


Quickly carry it to the nearby canal and release

Not a happy camper, but at least safe for now

stay in the canal and out of the street

Look at that tail, imagine stepping on this......

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