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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Briarcliffe Nest #9

Briarcliffe Nest #9.  Busy turtle this morning, false crawled twice before nesting. 

She first crawled up not too far from nest #2,

started to dig a hole but stopped. 

There were some deer tracks near her and these may have startled her.
  She abandoned this site and
crawled back to the ocean

She then went a little further south and crawled up and made a u turn and went back to the water. 

She went just a little further south and nested below the high tide line.  

This turtle was on the beach early in the morning....Low Tide was around 5;45AM
Picture taken around 7:30AM shows Outgoing track goes almost to the water line. 

The egg chamber was found and moved it about 50 feet south up in the dunes above the tide line.  All three of the crawls were 32 inches in width.

This is now the southern most nest between Briarcliffe and the Meher Baba Spiritual Center. 
 There are 8 nests within a half mile stretch of the beach.

Briarcliffe Nest #9

 112 eggs in the nest.  One was used for DNA and 111 were relocated. 

THANK YOU Larry and Cindy

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Briarcliffe...Nest #8, False crawl #4

False crawl started the morning out,  Right in the same spot as false crawl #3.  Crawl up the beach to the base of the dunes, quick turn back down to the water.

Further South on the beach, right in front of Briarcliffe Nest #2, another crawl is spotted.  This one going up the beach......

Through the roped off body pit of Nest #2, out the back......

Nest, eggs easily found!!

Braircliffe Nest #8

Left natural or in situ

1 egg taken for DNA, egg chamber quickly covered up, nest is marked.

THANK YOU Larry, Cindy and the rest of the Briarcliffe Crew

Sunday, July 12, 2015

NMB Nest #8

This nest was in a very unlikely spot, just south of 48th Ave S, at the end of the walkway from North Beach Plantations.....but hidden in the deep grass of the low dunes.  How the turtle was able to dig a hole through the grass and roots, is anyone's guess.  And then she hid the nest, covering it with sea grass.....and a yellow rubber first thought was there is no nest, no tracks, no sand mound....but people claimed she was in that spot for a while, so I probed and hit soft sand!!   Jerry was told that people had seen her from their North Shore Plantation Balconies around 5:30 AM.......Her tracks were hardly visible when viewed from the beach, but people said they really stood out when viewed from balconies.    Great find Jerry and Maggie

Did she nest somewhere in this grass?

 Rubber ducky, smashed by mother crawling over it
Found on the egg cavity

YES!!!!   Egg Cavity found

Moving the eggs to a more protected location


Empty egg cavity......

notice the cut roots and grass

this area was covered with pulled up grass

Thank you Maggie and Shannon

Candy and Maggie relocating the eggs

Thank you all

Job well done!!!

NMB Nest #8

119 eggs, 118 relocated to a better location

1 egg used for DNA Study

Friday, July 10, 2015

NMB Nest #7.....False crawls 5 and 6

Lots of turtle activity Thursday night, early Friday morning on the Cherry Grove Beach.  A turtle was seen entering the water around 2AM, This turtle had crawled all the way up the beach to the dunes, looked like she started a body pit, stopped, crawled 1/2 way up the dunes, crawled back down and to the S of her incoming crawl, crawled in a circle at the base of the dunes, crawled back up the dunes and then down. Several blocks South, another crawl, clearly a false crawl, turtle actually made an awareness symbol turning in a semi circle and crossing over her incoming track on the way back into the water.  A few blocks South of this crawl, another crawl is located,  this one longer and ending in a good size body pit.

  While only one call came in regarding a turtle sighting, this poor turtle may have been seen by others and may have been harassed by several......

And the fox showed up again, body pit was full of fox tracks, 2 holes were dug, one right in the egg cavity.  No broken eggs were found on the beach or in the cavity, the eggs were very deep in the sand so the fox may have been scared off by Sanitation before getting to the eggs.  Since the nest was below the Spring HTL and in the middle of the beach, it was relocated back to the dunes.   A cage will be put up covering the egg cavity.   

First False Crawl

 Up the dunes

down and around and back up again

2nd False Crawl, Quick up and turn around
crossover and into the water

3rd Crawl

Body Pit mid-way up beach
Fox had already started to dig up egg cavity so
eggs easily found

Fox Tracks

Fox tracks even in crawl

Yes, we have eggs, deep so apparently not 
disturbed by fox

Relocating the eggs back to the dunes

Deep in the sand

Annette and family

NMB Nest #7

118 eggs, 1 broken in nest used for DNA
117 eggs relocated

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Briarcliffe False crawls 2 and 3......Briarcliffe Nest #7

Very busy morning on the Braircliffe Beach.  False crawl yesterday, another crawl this morning, this time close to the "Crossover"   Big circle body pit at base of the dunes, then she crawled up into the dunes and crawled around a bit before heading back down.  Lots of probing but no soft sand indicating an egg chamber.  But then further South on the beach, another crawl, closer to Lands End Condo, this one very neat and quick, turtle crawled up onto the dunes with small, compact body pit, and then crawled back down over her incoming tracks.  This time soft found was quickly found and the egg cavity uncovered.  Since the nest was up in the dunes, it was left in situ or natural,  shallow egg chamber, two eggs were found broken so used for DNA.....Briarcliffe Nest #7.  Width of both crawls was about the same so very likely  this was just a very busy and fussy turtle who had a hard time finding that right spot.    

  False Crawl at Sunrise     Wednesday Morning

First crawl found on Thursday Morning

Up the beach to the base of the dunes, big circle,

and then the turtles goes up into the dunes

Several areas are probed and probed by no egg cavity is found, then call comes in

Another crawl further south

This crawl straight up and into the dunes, straight back down, 
crawling over her incoming crawl in places

Body pit is visible, sand is probed
soft sand easily found

Yes, egg cavity

One egg for DNA Study

Egg cavity quickly covered, nest is marked and protected.

Long morning.....Great Job Briarcliffe Crew!!!

Nests are mounting up on this section of the beach

Briarcliffe Nest #7

1 egg taken for DNA

Natural nest well above the spring high tide line

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