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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

NMB Nest 4

Calls started coming in early about a crawl and possible nest.  So close to yesterday's activity with Nest 3 that first thought was just left over marks.  But when a caller said he was standing in the dunes looking down at a body pit, it was definitely something new.

This time a nice, well defined crawl up the beach.  Turtle had again stopped to check out a spot, Nope, didn't like it so crawled up on a dune covered with vegetation.  Nice soft sand, lots of privacy......


Yes, we have eggs.  Since the egg chamber is on the dune, well above the High Tide Line, the nest is left natural or in situ.

One egg taken for DNA,  egg chamber is quickly re-covered, Poles and cage goes up.....NMB Nest #4

DNA Egg is processed.....

A huge thanks to all who helped with this nest.  A special thanks to NMB Sanitation for alerting walkers and then stopping by to see the eggs. 

Cherry Grove Stranding

A little 4 pound Kemps Ridley Sea was hooked off the Cherry Grove Pier late Monday night.  Fisherman hauled the turtle onto the Pier, via the hook and line.  An unsuccessful attempt was made to remove the hook, leader line was cut  just outside it's mouth and the turtle taken to the Tackle Shop, who called the NMB Sea Turtle Patrol.

Patrol picked up the turtle just after 11PM, to late to take to the Sea Turtle Hospital so the turtle was made comfortable for the night and taken in to Charleston first thing in the morning.

X-rays confirmed position of hook still attached to a leader.

Dr. Boylan once again performed his magic and was able to remove the hook and leader without surgery.

"Cherry" will spend a little time resting and recovering from the ordeal.  The staff will watch this little guy over the next few weeks fro signs of further injury from being dragged by the hook and line.

If a turtle is hooked, it is best not to haul onto land, into a boat and especially up onto a Pier using the hook and line.  Further injury can occur.  It is best to use a drop net to either haul up or to push from behind onto the shore if the turtle is to big for the net.

A huge thanks to the folks at Cherry Grove Pier for saving this little critically endangered Kemp's Ridley.

Monday, June 27, 2016

NMB Nest #3

Don, Kim and Sandy were stopped by the NMB Beach Raker early Monday Morning, looks like a turtle crawl just ahead.

Sure enough, nice long crawl, up from the ocean, turtle stopped halfway up, looks like she tried to make a body pit, but soon abandoned it, crawled further up, turned to the north and crawled a long way down the beach before going back into the water.  Was this turtle spooked by people on the beach?

False Crawl #5

But, a little way south of this crawl, another crawl was found, very faint, hard to see because of the deep soft sand and all of the truck traffic.  This crawl went up the beach, a small , shallow body pit was found, very messy.....body pit?

Incoming crawl was hard to follow, especially up near the body pit.  It did look like the turtle turned around in the body pit, went over her incoming crawl and then out on the side, turned and headed down the beach.

Where if any are the good signs to follow.  Decided to just guess and probe behind some mounded sand at the bottom of the circle.  First few probes, soft sand found but after digging down, found hard sand without any eggs.  Moved slightly to the north, couple of more probes, soft sand again.  More careful digging......

YES EGGS!!!!    First thought was this was another false crawl, but further investigation, egg chamber is found

 Because the eggs are in the middle of a wide beach, in the middle of heavy traffic, both vehicles and people, the eggs are moved back to the dunes.

Digging the new egg cavity



Protecting the eggs

Monday Morning Crew

NMB Nest #3

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