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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Loggerhead Stranding Little River Water Front

Usually do not get any calls from the Little River Waterfront, docks and restaurants along the Intracoastal Waterway.  But yesterday the call came in, just before lunchtime.  We have a dead sea turtle in front of Captain Juels Hurricane Restaurant, on the bank behind the docks.


Not a pretty sight...Boat Strike?

Inventory-Relocated Nest #2 MB----50th Ave N, Cherry Grove

Nest at 50th Ave N, Cherry Grove was laid on July 2, north of 82nd Ave N in MB.  It was relocated to 50th Ave N, Cherry Grove Section of NMB.

108 eggs in original nest, 107 relocated to Cherry Grove

Eggs incubated for 52 days, emerging on August 23.

Next 3 nights, one or two stragglers emerged each night, leaving only tracks

Inventory on 4th day after emergence
Depression is starting to fill in

Digging up the egg chamber

Inventory Results

108 eggs laid on July 2
107 relocated to 50th Ave, NMB
1 egg used for DNA Study
Hatchlings emerged on August 23th

Inventory on August 27th

101 Hatched or empty shell
5 whole eggs, died in early development
1 pipped egg, hatchling died before emerging from egg

No live or dead hatchlings
94.4%  Hatching success rate

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Apache Pier Appreciation Day

NMB Sea Turtle Patrol was invited to the Apache Pier Appreciation Day.  Great day on the Pier....

Lots of small cannon ball jelly fish in the water

Thank you Corrina, Karen, Connie, Matt, Ingrid, Jill and Neal

Inventory Relocated Nest #1 from Myrtle Beach

MB Relocated Nest #1 (MYB #8) was found by MB Sanitation on June 30.  NMB was asked to check out the crawl and relocate any eggs found.  Eggs were relocated to 9th Ave South in NMB.

52 days later, hatchlings emerge and run to the ocean.  
All that is left is a hole

and the little tracks

August 24th...time to dig up egg chamber and inventory

Crowd gathers

Jen and Vicki dig up the chamber, removing egg shells

Soon all contents of chamber are removed
all interested are allowed up to see eggs and hole

Relocated MB Nest #1--9th Ave South
109 eggs in original nest
108 moved to NMB, 1 egg used for DNA

Hatchlings emerged on day 52

102 hatched shells
6 whole or unhatched
No dead or alive hatchlings

Hatch success rate  94.4%

Inventory of Briarcliffe #4

Horry County Sanitation came across the nesting turtle around mid-night on July 2 as she laid her eggs close to the swash separating Briarcliffe from NMB.  Briarcliffe Volunteers were notified and they were on the scene early the next morning.  131 were found in the egg chamber, 130 eggs were moved up into the dunes further south on the beach, away from the swash, 1 egg used for DNA.   

49 days later, hatchlings emerge, all run toward the ocean.

Nest is inventoried on August 23rd.   The dunes on this beach were bady eroded during the storms and King Tides, Fall of 2015.  Sand has been building up along and on top of the dunes all summer.

egg cavity is surrounded by vegatation

Crowd gathers

Larry talks to crowd, giving history of the nest and
what to expect

This little girl is eager to help

Larry invites all kids up to watch

Hole is very deep, lots of sand build up

Empty egg shells begin piling up

3 dead hatchlings are found

Finally bottom of the egg chamber is found
all shells have been removed

Kids take turn inside hole to show how deep

Inventory is finished, time to 
put empty shells back into hole
and cover it up

Work is done for the evening

Protecting the new dunes around the remaining nest
Sand is building up, but soft and easily destroyed by people climbing up the dunes to see nests

Briarcliffe Nest #4

132 eggs in original nest
131 relocated further south on beach
1 egg for DNA
Nest incubated for 49 days. emerging on Aug. 20th

130 hatched shells
1 whole or unhatched egg
3 dead hatchlings, 0 live hatchlings found in nest

99.24% hatching success rate!!!

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