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Friday, May 27, 2016

Stranded Kemps Ridley, Cherry Grove Section, NMB

Thursday, May 26, NMB STP was alerted by NMB Beach Patrol of a small dead turtle washed up on the beach, just north of the Sea Mtn HWY beach access.  

Sure enough, a good size Kemps Ridley, seemed to be in good condition but close examination showed a wound to it's head, just above it's right eye.  Right eye area was very swollen.  Mouth was locked shut but blood could be seen, pooled inside.  Soft tissue around flippers, neck area was bloated due to decomposition.


Such a shame!!!

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Not one , not two but three false crawls

Wednesday, May comes in before 6AM.........Jeannie and Alyssa had just walked onto the beach from the last public walkway before Hogs Inlet when they spotted the crawl.  Nice distinct crawl in the wet sand.  Turtle came up after high tide (around 10:30PM) crawled to just below the high tide line, quick u-turn and back into the water.

Briarcliffe......Larry walked the beach, no activity but...on his way back, he spotted a crawl in the wet sand.  Had the turtle come ashore after he past this spot?  Quick crawl out of the water, short way up the beach and then back down.

SeaWatch......Craig and a crew from Ripley's started walking the beach and came across a nice crawl in front of the SeaWatch Condo Complex.   Another nice distinct crawl up the beach, above the high tide line before u-turning back into the water........

3 different beaches, 3 false crawls.....

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

TWO Strandings in less than 1 week, same location

A good size juvenile loggerhead sea turtle washed up on the beach just south of the Apache Pier on Thursday,  May 12.  Poor guy was very emaciated, covered in barnacles but also wrapped in fishing line.  Front and rear flippers were completely bound/  Some well meaning bystanders had cut the fishing line off the turtle, not realizing the turtle was dead.   It had a large hook protruding from it's mouth.  NMB Sea Turtle Patrol was called in to investigate by SC DNR.  

Tuesday, May 16th, another call from SC DNR, a large turtle was pulled from the surf, almost same location as the Thursday stranding.  Again, a large juvenile loggerhead, very emaciated, covered in barnacles.  But this one was still alive.  Horry County Beach Patrol secured the scene and the NMB STP was called in to transport the turtle to the Sea Turtle Hospital.  Quick action by all but not quick enough for the turtle.  She just could not hold on long enough to make it to the hospital and much needed help. 

Cub Scouts NMB Pack 800

On Monday, May 23, Corrina, Mary and Karen talked with NMB Cub Scout Pack 800 during their last meeting until August about the Sea Turtles, the work the NMB Sea Turtle Patrol does and how each person can help the sea turtles during the summer.  A very fitting time for the talk, as the world celebrates World Turtle Day.  


Thank you all.  What better way to end than with PIZZA!!!!

Monday, May 16, 2016

Mullins Elementary

On May 11th, Mary and Corrina journeyed to Mullins, SC to talk with 125 second graders.  These kids are very interested in the sea turtles and were excited to see our exhibit and her about the turtles.



A huge thanks to the 2nd graders for showing such interest.

Thank you Mary and Corrina for talking with the class

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