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Friday, July 29, 2016

Cherry goes home

On June 25 a young turtle was caught by recreational fishermen off of Cherry Grove Pier. Due to the swallowed hook, medical attention and specifically surgery, was required to remove it.  Turtle was quickly picked up and transported to the SC Sea Turtle Hospital.  
 Cherry needed surgery to remove the hook due to its location in the esophagus. The turtle then received antibiotics and was put on a  one week fast to let her esophagus heal. 

July 28th, Cherry is cleared for released.  Next morning, along with two juvenile green sea turtles, Cherry is released at the Isle of Palm County Park.  

Good luck little turtle.

A huge thanks to the fisherman who hooked Cherry by accident and to the Cherry Grove Pier for seeking help for the little turtle 

A hugh thanks to the Staff of the Sc Sea Turtle Hospital for taking such good care of this endangered little turtle.

Picture from the SC Aquarium Face Book page.

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