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Sunday, August 14, 2016

Inventory Briarcliffe Nest #2

Briarcliffe Nest #2 was located on June 13th.  This nest was relocated from below the high tide line.  The turtle laid 121 eggs; one was taken for DNA, 120 eggs relocate above the HTL.

Nest emerged on August 6, Day 54 of incubation.     

Inventory on August 9th, three full nights after emergence. 

 A great inventory, probably had the the biggest crowd ever had.  Lots of little children. found three whole eggs in the nest and were able to show them to the kids, letting them have pictures taken.  

  Three whole eggs in the nest.  Upon opening these eggs,  one was infertile, one died in early development and one had a fully formed turtle in it with no yolk sac.  It was a discolored turtle and very small.

 Dawn and Bob Lane, Betsy Cooper, Cherie Cooper, Claire Liddle, Bob and Karen Lane, Cindy and Larry were present.

Inventory Results:

121.eggs laid on June 13th
1 egg taken for DNA

Hatchlings emerged on August 6, Day 54

Inventory on August 9th

117 hatched  eggs hatch
3 Unhatched of which 2 died in early development, 1 died in late with full formed turtle
No live or dead hatched turtles in nest

 97.5% Hatch success rate.  

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