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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Inventory Briarcliffe Nest #1

Briarcliffe Nest #1 was found on June 1st.   High above the HTL, up on a dune, egg chamber opened to verify eggs,  1 egg takent for DNA and then quickly closed.  Nest was left natural or in situ.

52 days later, nest check early in the morning reveals a depression or hole and hatchling tracks going into the ocean.  A big ghost crab hole is found just behind the egg chamber.

After three nights, on the evening of the 4th day after emergence, the egg chamber is dug up.

Egg chamber has tall grass growing out of it.

Larry digs into the egg chamber

Hatched egg shell is quickly found

More egg shells are removed, one whole unhatched egg is found

Then a dead hatchling is removed.  Looks like ghost crabs may have gotten this guy

Whole egg is removed, completely surrounded by roots from the vegetation

A pipped egg is found, turtle opened the egg but died before getting out
Yolk sac is large and intact

A family from Ohio comes up to see what is going on.....very interested

And then Cheri brings out a live hatchling from the bottom of the egg chamber

Real lively, this guy wants to start his journey

Inventory is winding down, 3 dead hatchlings are found
1 pipped egg is found
1 whole egg is opened and a full term dead hatchling is found

Empty egg shells are lining up

Inventory is over, time to release the live hatchling

Leila helps release the hatchling

Anxious to find the ocean

Jessica, Ari, Cay and Leila

They don't see these turtles in Ohio

Inventory results:

Date Laid.....June 1st

Date hatchlings emerged July 23,  52 days of incubation

In Situ Nest

101 hatched eggs
9 unhatched of which 7 dies in early development, 1 died in late development, 1 egg pipped.

3 dead hatchlings in egg chamber 
1 live hatchling, released on beach and watched as it entered the water.

1 egg taken on June 1st for DNA

Total nest count 111 eggs

91.8% hatching success rate 

Thank you Larry, Cindy, Cheri and Dawn.....great work!!!1

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