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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

NMB Nest #7

Annette called early,  I have a large turtle crawl in front of my building.  Someone was out around 4AM shining lights into the dunes, but I could not see a turtle.  Waiting anxiously for daylight....

YES.........Turtle made an Awareness Symbol, crossing her incoming
crawl as she crawled back to the water

She crawled parallel to the dunes a short distance

Before climbing up  a low dune, but she did not stop 

She plowed through a sand fence, coming out on the other side

Down a little ways and nested. egg cavity was found under pulled up vegetation, very well hidden

She then crawled further into the vegetation of the dune

Before turning south, crawling through thick vegetation

Coming out in the walkway from the High Rise

Heading back to the water

Looking for eggs

YES....This one for DNA

Moving the nest to a darker location
No hatchlings would find their way out of this dune sysytem

New Location, New egg chamber

NMB Nest #7


  1. Wow. She worked so hard for her babies! She had to be a big mamma to plow through the fence.

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