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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

False Crawls 9 and 10

Not one but two false crawls this morning in Cherry Grove.  Jeannie and Alyssa came across the first crawl around 53rd N.  Long crawl up onto the top of a high dune, turtle slid down and walked south, then up into a private walkway, back down and then into the ocean.  No apparent nesting activity.  Long crawl parallel  to the ocean.  

Jimmy from NMB Sanitation stopped and gave Alyssa a ride to the second crawl at 49th. Second long crawl  was between 48th Ave N and 49th Ave N.  Again long crawl up the beach to the dunes, crawled along the base of the dunes, at one point stopping right at a private walkway, may have tried to nest, crawled back down to the beach, around a life guard chair, back up into the dunes, back down and then down the beach.  Crawled is about a block long. The one area that could have been a nest, was probed and probed , not a well defined body pit but some messed up vegetation.    Nothing was found    If she had nested, the eggs would have been very close to a walkway.  Fox tracks all around but no digging so he could not find eggs either.

From the long crawls and footprints all around, appears this turtle was watched and maybe harassed as she was on shore.  Poor Mama crawled long distances both times, not easy for her.   

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