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Friday, July 15, 2016

NMB Nest #6

She came back!!!!....Meredith called in early this morning, long crawl up the beach.   First thought it was just left over tracks from the two false crawls in same area yesterday but some tracks were below HTL.  

Followed the tracks right up into a narrow public beach access, halfway up walkway, turtle turned, grabbing sand on each side of the dunes, distinct flipper marks...some thrown sand.....Nest?   People kept walking through the walkway, we had to ask them to wait a few minutes so we could work the crawl.

 A nice protected area, this turtle probably worked in a nice dark, enclosed spot.   Probe of area and soft sand found a short distance from the beginning of the walkway from the beach.....Eggs soon found,  115 total,  114 moved a short distance away from walkway...

 115 total,  114 moved a short distance away from walkway...

1 egg for DNA....NMB Nest #6

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