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Saturday, July 9, 2016

Briarcliffe Nest #5

Friday night, storms are brewing over the ocean and to the South.  Call comes in just after 10PM, Sea Turtle on the Beach at the end of Windy Hill, close to the swash.  Drive down, lightning in the distance.  Another call,  turtle was on beach but surrounded by a large group of people.  She turned and went back in to the water. Storm is getting closer when approaching the beach.....Walk down beach, almost high tide, water is way up the beach, no tracks found,  all of a sudden a boom of thunder and then the rain, heavy off the beach but not quick enough, soaked by the time car is reached.

2 hours later, just after mid-night, another call, this time Horry County Sanitation, 1 set of turtle tracks up into the dunes, think turtle is still up there.

Larry, Cindy and the rest of the Briarcliffe Crew head out early.   Sun is just starting to come up, beautiful sky with the heavy cloud cover.   

Nice body pit high in the dunes

One probe, soft sand, 

1 egg taken for DNA,  Egg cavity quickly recovered
Nest left in situ  or Natural

This nest was laid within yards of two other nests,  Same Mother?

Great Job Briarcliffe........

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