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Saturday, July 23, 2016

Two more Live stranded Kemps, Two released from Sea Turtle Hospital

Wednesday, just after 1PM, call comes in from NMB STP Volunteer Matt, we have a hooked Kemps, Apache Pier.

Sure enough, small juvenile Kemps, hooked in the flipper.  The Angler knew to grab a drop net and haul the poor guy onto the pier.  Hook was easily removed.  No damage to flipper.

Small abrasion under eye, may have been caused by net.

While we are examining the turtle for any serious injuries, another call comes in, another small juvenile Kemps, hooked off Apache Pier, same Angler.  Turtle again raised up onto the Pier using a drop net.

Because it was so hot and sunny out, both turtles were taken to the shore line and quickly released as a crowd started to gather.   Amazing how strong and powerful these little guys were, especially when they sensed the ocean.  Both quickly swam away  

Named Cool Aid and Sheldon.......A huge thanks to the Angler who know exactly how to handle these endangered turtles.  A big thanks to Matt and Ingrid for helping to make sure both were safe.

The Apache Pier ROCKS!!!

Two days later, two other juvenile kemps, both hooked off the Apache Pier and rushed to the Sea Turtle Hospital because they swallowed the hooks, are released back into the ocean at Folly Beach, South of Charleston.  Both turtles were found to be very healthy when admitted to the Sea Turtle Hospital within days of each other, only injury were the hooks requiring surgical removal.  A little over a month recuperation,  both are ready to go back home.  Per the Sea Turtle Hospital...
           "I have great news! Shane cleared Flounder and Apache yesterday…woohoo! 
Unfortunately, we also discovered yesterday that Flounder has rubbed the sides of his head on the bars of his divider in his attempts to get to Apache. So much so that there are small lesions on each side. We love our turtles but this is another shining example of their small brain! Shane has asked that these animals get released as soon as possible so I have just gotten final approvals from DNR, CCPRC and the town of Folly Beach to release these two at the Folly Beach County Park this afternoon at 4pm."

Again, a huge thanks to the Anglers and the Management on the Apache Pier.   Their quick action and proper handling gave these critically endangered sea turtles a second chance.  

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