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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Inventory Briarcliffe Nest #1

Briarcliffe Nest Number 1...laid on June 1st....Hole was found in nest on July 22...

.Hatchling emerged on July 26th.....All tracks straight to the water.

First inventory was started 4 days later but quickly halted when several live hatchlings were found halfway down the egg chamber, before any egg shells.

Second inventory was conducted on Sunday, August 2nd.   By now, ghost crabs had taken over the egg chamber, even moving empty shells to the opening of their holes, several yards away.   No hatchlings were encountered so inventory was completed.

Briarcliffe Nest #1

Nest was protected on June 1st

Hole first formed on July 22

Hatchlings emerged on July 26   Day 54

135 eggs, 1 take for DNA, 134 moved back above Spring High Tide Line

125 Hatched eggs, 9 Whole eggs of which

2 died in early development, 1 died in late development with fully formed hatchling
6 died during hatching....pipping

2 dead hatchlings were found in egg cavity, no live hatchlings

93.3 Hatching Success Rate

Thank you Briarcliffe!!!

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