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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Inventory Briarcliffe Nest #2

Briarcliffe Nest #2 was found on June 8th.  135 eggs in original nest, 134 moved back above the the Spring High Tide Line.....

Hatchlings emerged around 9PM, Thursday night, July 29th....All ran straight to the water.

Inventory on Monday night, August 3rd.   1 live hatchling was found near the bottom of the egg chamber.  Very still when first removed from the nest, a quick dip in the ocean revived this little guy and she was soon eager to start her journey.  Released on the beach, she ran straight to the water, no hesitation, and was soon on her way.  She would not have been able to dig out of the deep hole by her self.....she now has a fighting chance to survive.

Egg chamber 

 live hatchling

Ready to make run to the water

fully formed tiny hatchling found in unhatched egg

 Watchling the hatchling go into the ocean

Braircliffe Nest #2

Nest was laid on June 8

Hatchlings emerged on July 29th, Day 52

135 eggs in original nest, 134 moved back above the HTL, 1 egg taken for DNA

111 eggs htached, 23 whole or u hatched eggs of which

20  eggs appeared to be unfertilized

2 eggs died in early development

1 egg had a fully formed, tiny hatchling found in the yolk

82.83 hatching success rate

Thank You Briarcliffe.....great job

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