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Monday, August 3, 2015

Stranding -----Windy Hill

Monday afternoon a call came in from NMB Dispatch, a sea turtle appears to be in trouble just beyond the waves around 46th Ave S, Windy Hill Section of NMB.  Rob was in the area so was quickly on the scene.  NMB STP Volunteer Margaret was also on the scene.  A Turtle was seen either swimming or being carried in the current starting around 43rd Ave S, ending near the swash just past 48th Ave S.  The turtle was never near close enough to see if swimming or in trouble, no one could rescue it.

Two days later, another call, this time a dead sea turtle had wash ashore, again at 46th Ave S.  Beach Patrol took possession of the turtle, protecting it from curious crowds until the NMB STP could arrive, take measurements and other information.  Turtle was taken off the beach for disposal.   A good size juvenile loggerhead, carapace was about 28 inches long.  Turtle was covered with barnacles and had a large crack in it's carapace.   Boat Strike?    The turttle was also very emaciated, plastron was sunken in.

Same turtle as the one seen swimming in this area 2 days before?  Some say yes, some say no......

Thank you Margaret for the pictures and calling in the turtles.........

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