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Saturday, June 27, 2015

NMB Nest #5

Early morning, 5:20 AM report of a turtle crawl from NMB Sanitation.  Quick trip down to the area, no one on the beach, tracks faintly seen in the dark, ending close to a big pile of sand.  Closer look, pile was not sand but a nesting loggerhead. Approaching her slowly from behind,  it was soon determined that she was still laying eggs.  Other NMB STP Volunteers started to arrive, sun coming up, more early morning walkers on the beach were greeted with this rare sight.

All finished laying eggs
throwing sand to hide the egg chamber

Heading back to the ocean

NMB Nest #5

Soon all that remains are her tracks.  These will disappear quickly
as the day gets started

NMB Nest #5

1 egg taken for DNA

Nest left natural or in situ

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