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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Briarcliffe Nests #5 and #6, Briarcliffe False crawl #1

Saturdaay, June 27th.....Not one but two nests reported on the Briarcliffe Beach.  Judy C was looking for her first crawl after having walked the beach for several years..... a false crawl had been reported the day before so hope was great, and then after a long walk, came upon that elusive crawl going up into the dunes.  She called it in and continued on her walk.....only to come upon a second crawl, this one going up into the dunes as well.   Measurements of the widths of both crawls were different, TWO MOTHERS, TWO NESTS?

Quick probes and eggs were found in both body pits....Both nests were left natural or in situ, both mothers picked great spots,  dark, high n the dunes, well above the spring high tide line.

False crawl on Friday

No real body pit
Quick turn around in the the dunes

 First crawl on Saturday

Barely see them, but yes we have eggs

Second Crawl

Body pit

Yes, soft sand


Briarcliffe nests #5 and #6
Both high up the beach, above the Spring HTL so
left in situ
1 egg taken from each nest for DNA

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