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Monday, June 22, 2015

Myrtle Beach Nest---

A nesting loggerhead crawled ashore just South of the Apache Pier in the northern unincorporated section of Myrtle Beach between 11:30PM and 12AM, Sunday night/Monday morning.  The turtle was immediately surrounded by people who were still out on the beach.  She was determined, changing her direction several times, trying to avoid the people.  She finally settled on a spot just above the water line and nested, despite having bright light shined on her and continuous flash pictures being taken.  The crowd grew rowdy, people started touching her, throwing beer cans at her and even placing beer cans on her carapace as she nested.  One girl knew this was wrong and called the NMB STP.  The Patrol called Horry County Police before heading to the site.  Horry County Police soon arrived and put a stop to the bright lights and pictures.  Those with the beer cans immediately left when the police arrived.

Harassing the nesting turtle....bright lights, flash pictures and people standing close to turtle.
Please do not take pictures or shine lights on a turtle as she is nesting.
Stand behind her and watch quietly

Turtle is going back into the water...
probably very relieved to be away 
from all the commotion

A huge thanks to these folks including a DNR Repr. and a Horry
County Police Officer

One egg was deformed, looks like two eggs attached in the middle.
One egg was larger than normal

101 eggs

Karen and Sharon carefully transferring to their new home

Jody and Ed

MB Nest #3, safety moved and protected

Early morning Crew....Thanks for your help

Scary thought, this case of fireworks was found
halfway up a dune, very close to the dune grass,
all fireworks exploded......

MB Nest #3
103 eggs, 101 relocated to NMB
2 eggs used for DNA Study

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