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Sunday, June 7, 2015

NMB Nest #3

As their walk was nearing it's end, Donna and Sherry came a crawl, going high up the beach, into a low dune.  Incoming crawl was much shorter than outgoing, indicating the turtle was on the beach a while.

Look closely, outgoing is longer than incoming

Body pit high on the small dune, see how she slid down the incline on
her way back after nesting

Nice neat body pit

Sherry, Ella and Evan measure the width

Between 36-38 inches, could be the same turtle who false crawled  last Thursday

Soft sand found quickly, digging for eggs

Yes, egg cavity easily found


Processing the egg

Putting empty shell in the vial

Ready to go to the University of Georgia

Work is done, data is recorded, nest is roped off and protected

NMB Nest #3

A huge thanks to Donna, Sherry, Stephanie, Ella and Evan

And a big thanks to all of the other NMB STP Volunteers 

Beautiful morning, the dolphins were swimming close by, temperature was just right, nest was in a great location...........

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