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Monday, June 8, 2015

Briarcliffe Nest #2

Judy came upon a nice, but confusing crawl.  Crawl up the wide beach, at the high tide line, turtle started to dig a body pit in the wrack line, despite all the shells and sea weed.  Abandoned the body pit, crawled directly to her right, headed further up the beach, another body pit, this one small and neat.

First body pit

Second body pit

Soft Sand Found

Eggs quickly found

Eggs moved further up the dunes, above the Spring High Tide Line

135 eggs

Bob and Judy moving the eggs

Sammy counting

Processing the DNA Egg

Eggs are moved, nest is marked and protected

Good Job Bob and Sammy

Thank you Judy for calling the crawl in 

Thank you Judy and Bob for all of your help this morning.

135 eggs, 134 eggs relocated back up the dunes, above the Spring HIgh Tide Line

1 egg taken for DNA

Briarclifffe Nest #2

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