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Thursday, June 4, 2015

False Crawl #2

Terry and Leslie called in early, large crawl all the way up the beach, ending almost at the dunes.

Halfway up the beach, looks like the turtle was spooked and started to go back to the water,
she then turned, creating an odd shaped circle and continued up the beach

Almost at the dunes, she turned around again and went back over her incoming tracks before 
turning to the east and then down to the water

This turtle came ashore after high tide.  Her incoming and outgoing tracks are almost equal
She did not spend much time on the beach, human foot prints around the crawl, some actually on top of her tracks, indicating someone may have been watching her.
She may have decided this was not a good time to nest,  especially if bright lights were shined on her and flash pictures taken.  It is not natural for sea turtles to be on shore, they are very nervous, constantly watching for predators......

Several potential nesting areas were probed, 2 separate times, no egg cavity was found, sand was hard packed........


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