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Saturday, June 20, 2015

Live Stranding---Little River Inlet

Two boaters, Thomas and Bryan came across a good size loggerhead floating on the surface, in the middle of the boating lane, Little River Inlet, close to the jetties, just South of Bird Island.  When approached, this turtle tried to dive under water but popped right back up.  Other boaters were zooming by,  some did stop to gawk and/or take pictures but none offered assistance.  SC DNR was contacted and advised of the turtle's situation.  DNR gave Thomas approval to pull the turtle from the water and bring to the Johnny Causey Boat Landing where NMB Live Turtle Transporter was waiting.  Turtle was quickly loaded and on the road to the SC Sea Turtle Hospital in Charleston.  Being Saturday afternoon, drive was slow going through Surfside, Garden City and Murrells Inlet, incoming beach traffic and Saturday change over....

A huge thanks to these boasters who interrupted their day on the water
to help this poor turtle

Arrival at the hospital

Turtle was having trouble breathing so immediately intubated and bagged. 

Weighed and measured,  a good size juvenile turtle, 
weighed over 123 pounds, carapace was over 29 inches

Despite the incrediable efforts by Dr. Boylan and the staff, prognosis for
this turtle was poor right from the beginning.  Turtle crashed on the way to 
the hospital,  heart beat was very slow and faint upon arrival at the hospital.

Heart was restarted a couple of times, only to crash within minutes.

No apparent injuries or other cause of distress.

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