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Saturday, August 24, 2013

NMB Nest #4---7AM Emergence

Maddy checked nest #4, 42nd Ave N around 7AM and saw a ghost crab going into a small hole at the egg chamber.  The ghost crab came out and then went right back in.  The sand fell, revealing turtle hatchlings just below the surface.  The hatchlings started to stir and soon started boiling out of the hole.  A rare day time emergence.  People soon gathered, the beach was watched for birds....

Lets GO!!!

I think I can.....Give me a boost


Don't leave me!!  I'm coming as soon as I can figure how to get out

All race straight to the ocean, only little black dots on the sand

Crowd starts to gather as word spreads

They line up a short distance from the hatchlings to watch

The water feels good

Soon all are gone, is the nest empty or was this just the first wave?

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