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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Inventory of Nest at 46th Ave N

Myrtle Beach relocated nest #2, 46th Ave N, emerged around 9:30PM on Friday, August 23.

 A three event day, NMB Nest #4, 42nd Ave N,  emerged at 7AM in the morning, an injured, boat strike juvenile loggerhead located in the Garden City/Murrells Inlet area needed transport to the SC Sea Turtle Hospital in the early afternoon and this nest emerged in the late evening. 

A nice dark section of the beach, All hatchlings went straight to the ocean.  Nest was inventoried on Tuesday, August 27th.  Next day, all that remained was a hole in the sand

4 days later, the hole has filled in from the blowing sand.  No turtle activity in a couple of days

People start to gather, anxious to see what is in that hole

NMB Sea Turtle Patrol Volunteers gather as well

Brenda gathers the young kids, putting them up front of the nest, giving each a handmade
NMB STP Button

Debbie and Sherry dig up the egg chamber under Rob's watchful eye
Eggs are pulled out and sorted, unhatched in one group, hatched in another
All that remains is the hole

This nest took a village, starting with the people from Embassy Suites in Kingston Plantation who reported the nest and called the NMB STP, to the Horry County Police and Life Guards who roped it off and protected until We finished with a nest on Briarcliffe, Larry, Cindy, Claire and Bob from Briarcliffe helped dig up the eggs to move off that beach, Joe, Jill, Jill's friend Teresa, Debbie and Carol met us at 46th Ave N and helped relocate the eggs into a new nest.  Connie and Sherry were the nest leaders and Sherry and Debbie with Rob's help dug up the eggs chamber last night.  Steve H and Maddy checked this nest each day along with the daily walkers. We had a big crowd and many of the STP Volunteers did a great job of mingling and talking with interested by-standers.  Brenda was a big hit with the kids and with those she shared pictures from her phone with.   John did great job taking the whole egg around and showing it to all.   Whew.....THANK YOU ALL 
Inventory Results:
Nest was relocated from the Northern Section of Myrtle Beach on June 27th.  78 eggs in the nest, 77 relocated, 1 egg used for DNA
Nest emerged on Friday, August 23rd  46th Ave N, Cherry Grove
Inventory on Tuesday, August 27th
72 Hatched eggs
5 unhatched or whole eggs, of which 3 died in early development, 2 died in late development
No live hatchlings found in egg cavity, no dead hatchlings found
Over-washed 0 times
93.5% Hatching Success Rate!!
Great JOB!!

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