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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Inventory of NMB Nest #3-50th Ave N, Cherry Grove

Nest # 3 was inventoried on Tuesday, August 20 at 7PM.
Over the four days since the major emergence, the exit hole has changed, now very large and deep

Crowd starts to gather

A turtle!!
Maddy and April start to dig up the egg chamber

Three dead hatchlings are found at the bottom of the nest

But, 125 hatchled eggs are found!!

Maddy shows some interested kids what a hatchling looks like

A beautiful night on the beach, full moon is starting to rise, Julie captured this great pictures!

Inventory Results:
Nest was located by April, David, Gwen and Sam on June 17th. 50th Ave N, Cherry Grove.  Two eggs had already been destroyed by Ghost Crabs, used for DNA Study.  Nest was in a great spot at the base of the dunes so left natural
Hatchlings emerged on August 16th, at dawn, on Day 60
125 empty shells were found in the nest
15 whole or unhatched eggs, 1 died in late development, 14 died in early development
3 dead hatchlings were found at the bottom of the nest
89% hatching success rate
THANK YOU David, April, Gwen and Sam
Thank you Maddy and all the volunteers who jumped out of bed and raced to the nest
Thank you Julie and Jim for the great pictures.

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