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Thursday, August 22, 2013

NMB Nest #3-Dawn Emergence

NMB Nest #3, 50th Ave North was discovered by April and David with Gwen and her grandson, Sam just behind them on June 17th.  The mother went all the way up the beach to the base of the dunes, well above the Spring HTL so the nest was left as it, natural.  After one egg was taken for the DNA study, the egg chamber was quickly recovered, the nest marked and protected to develop on it's on.

60 day s later, Friday, August 16, Maddy Checks the nest at 6:00 AM, all appears quiet, no cracks,
 no depression, no holes in the sand.  She walks down to the water, walks back, glancing one last time before leaving and notices a head.  Soon more are peeking at from the sand.  Within seconds, a hole appears, then another....

Hatchling start pouring out from the holes.  All make a straight bee-line down the beach toward the ocean.


Hatchlings fan out, soon the beach is covered with baby sea turtles


Little specks on the hard sand, only one thing on their mind....

One little guy gets stuck in a foot print in the soft sand in front of the nest...
But she doesn't stop and is soon on her way

Water is in sight, we can feel it....

I think I see it....

No hesitation....

Swimming already.....

Those little flippers never stop

One little guy wasn't to sure about the water, did a circle U-turn before continuing on it's way...Upside down awareness symbol
Soon, all that remains are two holes, eyes guiding the hatchlings to the ocean

And faint track on the hard sand
Several NMB STP Volunteers answered fellow volunteer Maddy's SOS and spent a few desperate minutes chasing the hungry sea gulls away.

Great way to start the morning...

Thank YOU ALL!!!!

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