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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Briarcliffe #5!!!

After a frustrating week with two false crawls
Monday--quick U-turn above the HTL

Tuesday-  Crawl all the way up the beach

Into the dunes. Quick U-turn back down.  Was she scared away by over zealous on-lookers?   No defined body pit, but Rob probed anyway, no egg cavity found

finally the call comes early Saturday morning:  Larry and Cindy, we have a crawl on the Briarcliffe Beach.   Width of the crawl was the same as the false crawl on Tuesday...Same Turtle?

Larry probes

Quickly hits soft sand

Egg cavity is uncovered!

Because the High Tide comes way up on this beach, eggs are relocated back about 20 feet, higher into the dunes.
Each egg is carefully removed from the egg cavity

I think we are done

99 eggs,  102 were found in the nest but 3 were broken...these eggs were used for the DNA study...Ghost crab was found in nest

Eggs carefully placed in new hole

Rope and poles go up to warn of the nest

The Group, tired, hot but happy

Briarcliffe Nest #5

A huge thanks to Cindy and Larry.

A big thanks to the rest of the Briarcliffe crew...Laura, Judy C, Pat and her dog Lucy, and Judy E

And a special thanks to Patterson for her great pictures.

NEST #5,  the 11th nest protected by the NMB Sea Turtle Patrol

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