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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Raker Goes Home--July 31st

Raker, a small Green Sea Turtle was found on Myrtle Beach on April 22.  A cold, and windy day, this poor turtle just could not go any further.  Call went out by Myrtle Beach City workers for help.  NMB STP Volunteer, Linda, was called on to transport to Georgetwon where she met up with SC DNR who transported the rest of the way to Charleston and the SC Sea Turtle Hospital.

April 22, 2013

Raker's core body temperature was only 58.1 degrees Fahrenheit. Initial exam revealed a depressed heart rate, a low blood glucose level and some electrolyte issues.  Raker's shell was in poor shape; the keratin scutes covering the bony shell were raised and rounded, with discharge underneath.This turtle sustained severe corneal abrasions on the eyes.  3 months later, under the excellent care of the staff at the SC Sea Turtle Hospital, Raker was deemed healthy and cleared for release back into the ocean.

On July 31st,  Raker, Splinter, a juvenile Loggerhead Sea Turtle and Sutton, A young Kemps Ripley were released from the Isle of Palms County Park.

Crowd starts to gather early

SC Sea Turtle Hospital Volunteers prepare the beach

Crowd is growing by the minute

Turtles arrive

Splinter is the first

A little confused, she heads toward the camera

After crawling a short distance, she is giving a helping hand to get closer to the water

 She can see it!!

Sutton and Raker... they are walked closely along the crowd line so everyone can get a close look



Raker is free!!!

North Myrtle Beach Sea Turtle Patrol!

What a great day to see these three turtles returned to their natural environment.  The staff at the SC Sea Turtle Hospital do such great work with these poor guys.

Thank you Julie for your pictures!

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