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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Inventory-NMB Nest #2-14th Ave S

NMB Nest #2 was located by Linda, Ricky and Sharon on June 6th between 14th and 15th Ave, South, Crescent Beach Section.  130 eggs were laid by the mother, 4 eggs were found empty and curled, ghost crab?  126 eggs were relocated back from the center of the beach to dunes.

Thursday, August 8th, Day 63 of incubation, a depression forms around 7PM and outlines of heads soon appear.

Word travesl fast and soon over 200 people are lined up on the beach in anticipation of an emergence.  Several NMB STP Volunteers are on hand to make sure the hatchlings come on their own and are not interfered with. 

Darkness falls.  Large roof top spotlights on the Jamaica Motel and the Red Tree Inn light up the beach as darkness falls.  A request goes in to both and lights are turned off.

Around 9PM, just after dark, the hatchlings emerge and make a mad dash to the ocean.  High Tide, the surf is calling.....

Monday, august 12th at 7PM, the egg cavity is dug up and the contents inventory.  Ricky and Melanie volunteered to do this job under Rob's supervision.

1 lone hatchling is found at the bottom of the nest, among the eggs and egg shells.  Release on the beach and watched over until it made it into the water.


Inventory Results:
Nest laid on June 6th...130 eggs, 4 eggs destroyed by Ghost Crab of which 1used for DNA Study, 126 relocated back to dunes
Hatchling emerged on Thursday, August 8th, Day 63 of incubation
Nest inventoried on Monday, August 12th
97 Hatched or empty shells
29 Whole or unhatched eggs
of the 29 unhatched, 28 died in early development, yolks still runny, 1 died in late development but before emerging from egg
1 live hatchling found in the nest, 0 dead hatchlings found
77% hatchling success rate
Thank you Ricky and Sharon for helping protect this nest. 
Thank you Sherry and Sharon for watching this nest as it neared maturity
Thanks to the NMS STP who helped the night the hatchling emerged to a big audience.
Thank you Leslie for your great pictures!
NMB Nest #2---First to emerge for the 2013 season!

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