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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Thursday afternoon-Transport to the Sea Turtle Hospital

A beautiful little, rare Kemps Ridley Sea Turtle grabbed a fish off the Myrtle Beach State Park Pier and wound up with a mouthful of hooks.  A couple were quickly removed,  but one was to far down in it's throat so the decision was made to transport to the Sea Turtle Hospital in Charleston.  Linda from the NMB Sea Turtle Patrol and a DNR Volunteer Transporter was asked to transport the 12 pound turtle to McClellanville where other DNR Volunteer Transporters from the Isle of Palm Turtle Team were waiting to drive it the rest of the way to Charleston.

Turtle is put in an enclosed container to keep safe and prevent excessive movement.  This little guy was not happy about this and was constantly trying to get out.

Once admitted to the hospital, Dr. Shane quickly removed the hook with a big set of pliers.

Turtle was named King, prognosis is very good and may be release soon.

More information on this little turtle as well as other patients in the SC Sea Turtle Hospital can be found at:

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