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Friday, May 31, 2013

Thursday Morning Stranding

Lisa was finishing up her early morning walk on Segment B when she noticed something floating in the receding water as the tide went out.  NMB Sanitation noticed the same thing and stopped to help.  They pulled a good size,  juvenile loggerhead out of the water.  At first it appeared to be alive,  but it was soon determined that any movement was from the water.

Lisa helped move the turtle further up the beach into the dry sand.

An emaciated debilitated turtle covered with epibota (barnacles, ghost shrimp, etc), not only on it's carapace but on soft tissue as well.

Plastron is sunken

Poor guy, been sick a while.

Rob arrives on the new four wheeler donated to the turtle cause by the City of NMB.

Makes working strandings a lot easier, especially with the bigger turtles.

Pictures are taken

Measurements taken....carapace 29 inches from notch to notch

Data is recorded

Mike from the City of NMB arrives on the scene and offers to help dispose of the turtle.  
A big thanks to him, sure beats carrying it.

A big thanks to Lisa for calling in the turtle.  

Thanks Lisa, Melanie and Tede for the pictures.

Thanks to the employees of the City of NMB who are always anxious to help us.

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