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Monday, June 3, 2013

Early Sunday Morning Live Stranding

First call came in around 2:30AM, NMB Dispatch...Nesting sea turtle on beach. 45th Ave N.  Quick trip to the beach, no turtle, no tracks, no evidence that a turtle was nesting.  Beach was swept in both directions for several blocks....hard to see in the dark but bright lights were not used in the event a turtle was on the beach.  No turtle or tracks found.. Either wrong location was given or a prank call.  5:30 AM, first light, call from NMB Sanitation, live turtle on the beach, around 51st Ave N.  Raising it's head and making noise but otherwise not moving.  

Loaded and ready for trip to Hospital.  Turtle is put on a bed of foam in a dry kiddies swimming pool.

Turtle seemed to be having breathing problems.  Would raise it's head and take deep gulps.  Made grunting noises when resting.  Turtle made it to the hospital alive.  Initial treatment was bagged and placed on oxygen.  Thought the turtle may have been involved in some type of drowning event,  maybe caught in a net?

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