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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Relocated Nest Embassy Suites, Kingston Plantation

As we were working nest #4, the call came in that a crawl and possible nest was found in front of the Emabassy Suites in the unicorporated part of Myrtle Beach, just South of where we were working.
Horry County Beach Patrol and Horry County Police maked off the body pit until we could get to the site.

A neat nester, outgoing crawl was on top of incoming crawl out of the body pit and part of the way down the beach

Turtle had started her nest but didn't like something so crawled further up 

Nest is roped off with Crime Scene tape.....

Larry and Linda probed and soon found the soft sand....Larry digs for the egg chamber

Eggs are found and the spectators are allowed to view the egg chamber before the eggs are removed

Empty hole dug by the does she get ist so perfect?

78 eggs less 1 egg for DNA Study, 77 eggs relocated

Because this nest was located in a section of the beach not covered by an active sea turtle patrol, the eggs are relocated to NMB to be watched carefully by the NMB Sea Turtle Patrol

Linda choses the new location

People gather at the new nest site to see what we are doing

Joe and Debbie transfer the eggs while Jill counts

Eggs are in the new egg chamber

Jill and Carol set up the poles

Mission complete.  

NMB STP Volunteers Jill, her friend Teresa, Carol,  Debbie and Joe

Thanks to Emabassy Suites for protecting the Nesting Site.  And a big thanks to the Horry County Beach Patrol and the Horry County Police for roping off the body pit and making sure it was not disturbed until we could get to it.

A huge thanks to Larry, Cindy, Claire and Bob for not only working on the nest in Briarcliffe but also walking down and working with this nest.

A big thanks to Joe, Carol, Debbie, Jill and Jill's friend, Teresa for coming when the call went out and helping at the new site.


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