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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Nest #5---Briarcliffe #2

Early morning phone call, 1:45AM....Jon from Lands End Condos...."As I was walking the beach early this morning, something crawled up behind me, scaring me....I soon realized it was a nesting sea turtle.  She crawled past me like I wasn't there, went up closer to the dunes and started digging."  John left her to nest in peace and quiet.  Later, after sunrsie, Larry and Cindy came across her crawl.

Outgoing Crawl

Body Pit.  Long imprint of her body, very neat nester, she packed the eggs down and then quickly left, no fuss, no mess

Egg cavity is very small, but sand is packed in tight around the eggs.

Incoming crawl, Rob relocating the eggs

Cherie helping with the eggs

A grandmother and her grandson are very interested in the turtles

Rob processes the DNA Egg


 NMB Nest #5, 2nd nest in two days on the Briarcliffe Beach

Thank you Larry, Cindy and Cherie!

1 comment:

  1. Hi I'm the Jon that reported this nest (#5 near Lands End)

    I have a few photos of the mother...if interested email me


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