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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Nest #4-Briarcliffe

Larry and Cindy came upon a great crawl as they neared the end of their morning walk  Outgoing crawl was longer than the incoming, suggesting that the nesting turtle had been on the beach a while.

Larry probed and soon found the soft sand

Visitor Cameron was fascinated by the crawl so was asked to help dig for the eggs. Larry shows him how

Decision is made to relocate the nest further up the dunes due to the high water line.  
Bob digs the new egg chamber

Larry and Cameron transfer the eggs to their home

V in the crawl made by the claw on the front flipper

Larry and Cameron set up the poles to mark the nest

Finished, nest is moved and protected.

Nest #4-Briarcliffe

A huge thanks to Larry and Cindy.  And a big thanks to all the other Briarcliffe volunteers who have been patiently walking the beach each morrning.

And a big thanks to Cameron for helping this morning.  His lucky day, not only a turtle nest but a good size shark tooth as well.

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