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Monday, June 17, 2013

NMB Nest #3

David and April called early..large crawl on the beach

Ends in a nice body pit, although the wind has blown sand and filled it in

A hole was started, than abandoned, turtle crawled up the beach a few more feet

Outgoing crawl,  a little victory circle?

Down toward the life guard chair

Under the chair 

Out the front

Further down the beach 

Linda probed....this might be te spot...
April and David carefully dig....

YES, eggs.  Two empty and curled shells were found on top...ghost crab?
Shells were taken for DNA Study

A whole yolk was found just under the sand about 6 inches from the egg cavity...ghost crab again?  Removed and buried away from the nesting site.

Gwen arrives with grandson Sammy who is eager to help Rob

Poles quickly go up with Sammy's help

Nest #3

Thank you April and David for reporting the crawl

And a huge thanks to Sammy for jumping in and helping.  I think I heard Rob showing him how to tie different knots.....a great young man!!

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