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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Relocation of a Nest

The call came in mid-morning.  Myrtle Beach Police had reported a possible nest in the extreme northern section of Myrtle Beach, of of 82nd Ave N.  This is a very inaccessible part of the beach, no public beach access and little development.  A large fox den was reported in the dunes near te nest and it was feared the foxes had already destroyed the eggs.  NMB Sea Turtle Patrol was asked to check out the report and move the nest if necessary.

Linda and Joe, NMB STP Volunteers, responded to the call, the MB Police drove them as far as possible, but both still had to walk about 1/2 mile

Evidence is rapidly disappearing as the morning grows older

Linda probes

Yes, soft sand is found, Joe carefully digs,   YES eggs!!

Joe removes the eggs from the egg cavity, carefull, one at a time, while Linda counts

One of the last eggs to be removed is smaller and oval shaped


Linda explains why the one egg is taken for the DNA Study

Finally the hole is empty

134 eggs!!

Several more of the NMB STP Volunteers are waiting at the new site to help

New hole is dug

Neil carefully transfers the eggs from the bucket to the hole while Corinna and Sherry count

Curious people stop by to see what is going on

All eggs have been transferred to their new home, time to mark the nest


A huge thanks to Joe for giving up a good portion of his Saturday to help with this relocation. And a big thanks for your pictures. 

Thanks to all the NMB STP Volunteers who came to the new location on NMB to help

And a special thanks to the MB Police for caring about the turtles and the nests.  They were so eager to help us!!

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