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Saturday, June 29, 2013

False Crawl #4 and #5

Despite the very windy conditions on the beach this morning, Jay was found two crawls within yards of each other.  The first crawl he came across was below the High Tide Line, a quick in, turn and then back out to the ocean.

The second crawl started above the High Tide Line, went up to a shallow body pit and then back to the ocean again ending at the high tide line.  Wind had already filled in the body pit and most of the crawl.

False Crawl #5--Short U-turn 

Natural Awareness Ribbon?

Top of U-turn

Below the High Tide Line, beach is wide, water is in the distance

False crawl #4-already disappearing from the wind and blowing sand

Shallow body pit already wind blown and filled with sand

Rob probes as Jay, Linda S and Dana watch

Despite probing, rmoving the top layer of sand and probing again, no egg caivity was found.  It was felt that the second, short crawl was probably after this longer crawl and body pit, indicating the turtle left the beach and then came back later in the early morning hours.  The long crawl had evidence where the turtle started digging, abandoned it, crawled further up, formed the body pit, headed back to the ocean, tried to dig again and then gave up.  Maybe she'll be back tonight.

Thank you Jay for reporting these two crawls.  

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