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Monday, June 3, 2013

First Nest of 2013 season-NMB Nest #1

Corrina was out early and came upon the crawl around 6AM. 

Beautiful crawl up the beach and back down

 Corrina shows crawl

 Nice, clear crawl

Body Pit

Rob Probes

Volunteers anxiously it or isn't it?


Rob moves eggs back from the middle of the beach, out of the way of the heavy beach traffic,
 to the dunes

Holt helps dig a new egg chamber

Deep enough?

Putting the eggs in their new home

Marking off the nest

Great JOB..Nest #1

A huge thanks to Corrina and John who waited and waited and waited while a live stranded loggerhead was prepared for transport to the SC Sea Turtle Hospital

A big thanks to Arlene who helped with the stranding and then went to the nest site to help

And a big thanks to all the volunteers who came to the site after finishing their segment and helped find and relocate this nest.

THANK YOU Corrina, Anita and Rachelle for your pictures.

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