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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Inventory Nest #2

 Sunday, June 10, Cindy and Larry reported the 2nd crawl in two days. Up in the Dunes, the very shallow egg chamber was quickly found.  Four eggs had been broken when the mother patted the sand down over the eggs.  Another egg was found damaged from a ghost crab.  133 in original nest, 128 were relocated to a clean hole, just back from the original.

Crack and then a hole formed on top of this nest on July 31, day 51.  On August 1st, a large group of hatchlings emerged form the nest and ran straight toward the ocean.  Moon was full, right in front of the nest, lighting a path to the water.    First inventory was schedule 4 days later, but quickly halted when 3 hatchlings were found still in the nest, close to the surface.  Inventory was completed on August 7th.

 Cherie and Larry opened the egg chamber and dug hatchlings were encountered until after the first few eggs were removed.  10 Hatchlings were eventually found on the bottom of the egg chamber.

Larry starts to sort the eggs.  50% or more of shell in one group, less than 50% in another and whole, unhatched eggs in a third group.

This egg was found pipped.  Turtle had started to emerge from egg but died before completely getting out.


Cherie starting to count.

Recording the results

122 hatched eggs.

Hatchling found in nest, covered with sand

Showing the hatchlings to interested spectators

Hatchling cleared of sand, ready to get started on it's journey

Linda showing Pat the hatchlings

We have hatchlings.....

Laura bringing the hatchlings closer to the water's edge

Releasing the hatchlings....

Yes, Freedom  at where's the ocean?

This away, I think....

Maybe this way?

Or this way?

I feel it!!

Yes, I think I see it......

Oh, this feels so, so good!!!

NMB Nest #2

133 eggs in original shallow nest

4 eggs broken by mother, 1 egg damaged by ghost crab, used for DNA Study

Hatchlings emerged on Day 52

122 eggs hatched

5 unhatched eggs, all early development

1 hatchling died during pipping

10 Live Hatchlings found in nest and released on beach

91.7% Hatch Success Rate

84.2% Overall Success Rate

Thank you all for helping with this nest.

Thank you Julie for your pictures.

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