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Monday, August 13, 2012

Inventory Nest 9th Ave S

The nest at 9th Ave S was relocated from Myrtle Beach on June 5.    97 eggs.   The hatchlings finally emerged 64 days later on August 8, between 3 and 6AM,  it was raining hard and very windy, leaving only a large, deep hole as evidence they had left.

Inventory was conducted on Sunday, Aug. 12 after a stormy, rainy and windy weekend.
Sand had blown in and completely filled the hole.

Crowds gathered to watch the inventory

Egg cavity was very deep. 

Rob and Bobby sorting and counting the eggs.

Rob, opening one of the six unhatched eggs and showing the contents to those interested.

One lone hatchling was found in the nest.  Well formed and very active

He was anxious to start his trip into the ocean....

Face covered with sand...

Rob helps Jack and Kane release the hatchling onto the beach

And he's off.....

 Nest at 9th Ave S
Relocated from 9400 Shore Drive in Myrtle Beach

Nest laid on June 5, Hatchlings emerged on August 8th, 64 days later

98 Eggs in nest
1 egg used for DNA Study

97 eggs relocated to North Myrtle BEach
91 Eggs hatched shells
6 unhatched, all died early development
No Dead Hatchlings found in Nest
1 live hatchling, released on the beach

93.8 Hatching Success Rate

Thank You Steve and Bobby for helping to relocate this nest to NMB
Thank you to all the volunteers who watched over this nest for 64 days

Thank you Julie for the great pictures.

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