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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Inventory--Nest #1

NMB Nest #1 was reported by Cherie, Cindy and Larry on June 8th, World Ocean Day.

The hatchlings emerged between 1AM  and 4AM on Saturday, August 4, 57 days later.

Inventory was conducted on Tuesday, August 7th.

Rob dug into the egg chamber assisted by Pat and Julie

A crowd of interested spectators gathered to see what the nest would yield.  This nest was a natural nest.

An unhatched eggs was quickly found.

Larry shows the crowd what a Loggerhead egg looks like.

Hole dug by the mother after all eggs are removed.

Rob and Pat counting the eggs.

Now the fun part.  Five unhatched eggs were found.  Rob opens each egg to see the stage of development.

One egg contained a fully formed hatchling who died.  Here you can see the position of it's body as well as the yolk sac.

This egg never even started to develop.  Still in the yolk stage.

Thank you Larry and Cindy for working so hard this summer on the Briarcliffe Beach, watching and protecting the nests.

Nest #1

Laid on June 8th 
Emerged on August 4th, 57 days later

86 eggs were in the nest
8o eggs hatched
5 eggs were unhatched, of which 4 died in early development and 1 died in late development
1 dead hatchling was found in the nest, No live hatchlings were found.
1 egg was taken for the DNA Study in June

Nest #1 had a 93% Hatch Success Rate with a 91.8 % overall success rate


Thank you all for helping with this nest!!!

Thank you Julie for the great pictures!!!

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