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Sunday, July 8, 2012

NEST 4!!!!

Low tide early this morning, the beach was wide.  A crawl was found way up the beach, close to the dunes.  The turtle must have come on shore before high tide and was back in water before the tide changed.  Incoming and outgoing crawls were almost equal length and stopped way up the beach.

Crawl went up into the dunes where a large, deep body pit was found with an abandon hole.

Turtle then crawled further up the dune, turned and crawled back over her incoming tracks.

Did she dig another hole and lay eggs?  Didn't look like it, but we probed and quickly found a

soft spot in the sand, about 8 feet from the first hole.  But, this area was covered with vegetation. 
 Larry digs.....

YES.....eggs are found.  The top egg is empty and curled...Ghost Crab?  This egg is taken for DNA Study.  The rest of the nest is left undisturbed.

Eggs were quickly covered back up.  Poles and Orange DNR sign went up and the nest is protected.

Sam and Larry put on the finishing touches and Nest #4 is official.

Nest #4, Briarcliffe Beach

Thank you Cindy and Larry.  This part of the beach is remote and hard to get to.  Equipment and supplies must be carried in.  Long, hot walk in and out off the beach, but well worth it.

Thank you Sam for your help.

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