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Friday, July 6, 2012

False Crawl #2

Horry County Beach Services called in the crawl early.  Crawl was almost at the southern most end of the Beach, not far from the Lands End Condo complex.

Low tide, both incoming and outgoing crawls were long, running from the water line, up into the dunes.

Body pit was found up in the dunes.  Sand was soft and deep in spots.  The turtle had started to dig a hole but abandoned it.  Body pit was probed by Rob and Linda but no eggs were found.

Tide started coming in as the crawl was being worked.

Classic V found in the tracks, made by the turtle's claw.

After much probing and digging, this was declared a false crawl.  Spot has been marked, GPS Position has been recorded.  The area will be checked frequently in the future just in case eggs are present.

North Myrtle Beach False Crawl #2.

Thanks Larry, Cindy, Cherie and Judy for helping this morning.  And a big thanks to Kathy and her daughter who came to watch after finishing walking their part of Segment B on NMB.  

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