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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

False Crawl #4

Storms were approaching from the south around 3:30PM.  Mike had just arrived on the beach to do a little fishing.  Cherie was sitting, reading a book when the both noticed some activity further north, close to the swash on the Briarcliffe Beach.  Investigating, they found a huge loggerhead sea turtle had just crawled ashore and was up in the dunes.

Several tourists from the neighboring high rise condo complex, across the swash on NMB, had followed the turtle up into the dunes.

They were taking flash pictures and hovering over her despite being told to leave her alone and to get out of the dunes.

She turned at the top of the dune and headed back to the water, unable to lay her eggs.

Tracks on wet sand where the V from her claw is evident.

Did this turtle sense the storm or the darkening skies and felt it was safe to come ashore during the day?

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