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Sunday, June 24, 2012

NEST #3!!!

Exactly two weeks since nest #2, Cindy and Larry come across a great looking crawl, north of the cabana access, very close to the swash.

Incoming track is shorter than outgoing.  Did she come ashore just after high tide?

Outgoing track in the hard sand.

Another view of track, going up to the nesting pit.

Linda probed.  Sand is very hard packed.  Sam, the Turtle Man, watches.  Will he get to see his first nest? are the eggs!!

The nest is very close to the swash.  It is also just at the Spring High Tide Line.
Decision is made to relocate the nest further up the beach.

Egg cavity is very deep.  Eggs just keep coming.

Kelly from NJ was out walking on the beach.

Finally, all the eggs are moved, the hole is empty.

123 eggs!

Larry and Cherie placing the eggs, one by one, into new hole.

Thank you Larry and Cindy!

and Thank you Cherie for helping.

Nest #3!!

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