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Sunday, June 24, 2012

1st Annual NMB Turtle Trot-Dedicated to Rex Keibler

1st Annual NMB Turtle Trot

NMB Turtle Trot 1 mile family fun run/walk to benefit the NMB Sea Turtle Patrol

NMB Sea Turtle Patrol volunteers making.....a Sea Turtle!


Bella Luna with Luna and Sam

Splash from the Myrtle Beach Pelicans even came out to see what was going on.

The Palmetto State Roller Girls take a break from creating their roller skate sand sculpture at the NMB Turtle Trot to have a photo shoot with the NMB Turtle Trot mascot "Bella "Luna,"   Emily Wayne.

Holt with Sharkee from Ripley's Aquarium. Sharkee has Holt's Sea Turtle Patrol volunteer hat on...wonder if he will walk the Patrol with Holt in the morning!

Well, maybe Sharkee is a little hungry.  Sea Turtles and Sharks do not mix!

Maybe Kids are better shark food!

Splash with Linda Sweatt

Thanks North Myrtle Beach Rescue Squad for helping to make the 1st annual NMB Turtle trot a safe family event! The squad volunteered to be at the Trot. The NMB Rescue squad is an award winning all volunteer nonprofit organization!

NMB Turtle Trot mascot "Bella Luna" gets a kick out of hanging with Michael from Myrtle Beach FC, Mutiny professional soccer team, and MB Pelican's Splash. 

Bella Luna showing Holt and Sam, the Turtle Man, how to line up for the race.

On your mark, get set......

Donna and Sam urging Grandma on....

Splash and Bella Luna finishing the race!


Turtle Trot Volunteers with Luna and Turtle Trot Runners

Celebrating the end of the race!!

NMB Sea Turtle Patrol Volunteers Sam, Gary, Carol and Linda with Michael.

List of prizes to be given away...all donated by area businesses and organizations.

NMB Turtle Trot Volunteers...GREAT JOB, fun time for all!!


A Huge Thank You to Linda and Ed Sweatt for organizing this great, fun event!

And a Huge Thank You to all those who volunteered their time to help Ed!

And a Huge Thanks to all who came out early and participated in this fun event!

The sea turtles need our help and what a great way to promote the Sea Turtle Cause.

Good, Clean, Family fun.  Can't wait till next year!!!

Pictures and Text by Rachelle, Ed and Linda M.

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