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Monday, May 14, 2012

Kemp's Ridley -- Sunday, May 13

Arlene and Chris started their Sunday walk early and discovered a stranded turtle as soon as they got on the beach.   31st Ave N,  Cherry Grove section of NMB, a dead juvenile rare Kemp's Ridley had washed up on the beach.

It appeared that this poor turtle had a head injury as well as being tangled in some type of red nylon string.

The tough string was wrapped around it's left flipper as well as tightly circling it's neck.
The string was so tight, it almost cut it's flipper off.

Arlene and Rob processing the turtle, taking measurements, GPS coordinates and pictures.

Turtle was spray painted to show that it was already recorded.  All data from this finding is sent to SC Department of Natural Resources.

Thank you Arlene and Chris.  Not a pretty sight!

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