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Sunday, September 4, 2011

inventory of Nest #15, 30th Ave N, Cherry Grove

Monday, July 11,  Sandy, Paul, Joe and Nancy came across a crawl while walking segment B in Cherry Grove. 

Linda probed the body pit, sure enough, eggs are found. 

Although this nest was high up on the beach, it was laid in the middle of the path coming from a rental cottage.  It was moved NE just a few feet, out of the path.   112 eggs. 

Tuesday night, August 30, Day 50 for this nest.  Just after 8PM,  sand sinks and a huge hole forms.  Hatchlings start to emerge around 9:30PM.  High tide, very short trip to the ocean.  

Sept.  3,  Nancy and Rob dig up the nest and the contents inventoried.  Many had been watching this nest all summer and were anxious to see what was really under the cage.

One live hatchling was found! 

And released on the beach, the beginning of it's long journey.

It was quickly on it's way!

Thank you Paul, Sandy, Joe and Nancy for finding this nest and then volunteering to watch over it.  The hatchlings emerged early, it was a quiet, dark and peaceful quick crawl to the ocean.  Thank you Nancy for helping Rob dig up the nest.

Thank you Julie and August for letting us post some of your professional pictures.

Inventory Results:

Nest was laid on July 11
113 eggs were in the nest,
112 eggs were relocated just a few feet out of the path of the nearby cottage
1 egg was taken for the DNA Study

Hatchlings emerged around 9:30PM on August 30, Day 50

103 hatched shells
8 unhatched eggs, died early development
1 hatching died during hatching (Pippin)
1 live hatchling was found in the nest and released on the beach

92% Hatchling Success Rate

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