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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Inventory of Nest #12, 34th Ave S, Windy Hill!

On Wednesday, July 6th, Arlene and Edith came across a crawl in Windy Hill.  

The first hatchling of the 2011 season  had emerged from Nest #1 in the Cherry Grove section of NMB just hours before. 

The body pit was located,  probed and eggs are quickly found, Nest #12!!  34th Ave S, Windy Hill.

Early Wednesday morning, August 27th,  the hatchlings emerge.  Day 56.

Unfortunately, this was a well lit part of the beach.  One large Condo Complex just to the SW of the nest, several smaller condos just behind and to the NE of the nest.  Some of the hatchlings were confused by the lights and went behind the nest, into the dunes.

Donna checked the nest just before sunrise and to her horror discovered the tracks leading to the dunes.  Quick cry for help, Linda, Rob, Rose and Jay soon arrived and started searching for these wayward guys.  Many of the visitors staying in the Condos helped as well, searching the tall dune grasses.  Soon cries of "I got one" could be heard.  Over 40 hatchlings were removed from the dunes and certain death early that morning.

Donna released a few at a time at the waters edge and many watched as the hatchlings were finally able to start their long journey.

Matthew, a visitor from New York postponed his morning fishing to help search the dunes.  He kept bringing rescued hatchlings to the ocean, over six in all!

NMB Beach Services came as well and helped rescued several.

Finally these little ones feel the hard wet sand.

And see the Water!!

Another  one rescued!

 Donna, Linda and Rose.  What a hectic couple of hours.

Four days later, time to dig up the nest and inventory the contents.

The egg shells had sunk way down, Jonah is almost completely
 in the hole,  searching.

Corrina and Jonah searching for more eggs.

Rob opening an unhatched egg.

One live hatchling was found in the nest.  Donna and Jonah released him to crawl to the water.

What a photographer won't do for a picture!  Great ones for sure.

Thank you Donna and crew, Rose, Arlene, Jill and Sharon.  Even though this nest was a challenge, you all were great.  A lot more people know and respect the Sea Turtles now because of their experiences with this nest and the information you gave them.   As Donna said while getting help rounding up the disorientated hatchlings.  "It's takes a village." 

Thank you to Arlene, Edith, and Paulette for locating this nest and then helping to relocate it.  Thank you Jonah, Scott and Corrina for helping with the inventory.  Thank you Jay,  Jay's niece, Julie,  Matthew, NMB Beach Services and all the others who helped round up the lost hatchlings that morning!

Thank you Rob, Rose, Julie and Jay for your pictures.

Inventory Results:

Nest was laid on July 6, 2011
95 eggs were in the nest
94 eggs were relocated back to the dunes
1 egg was taken for the DNA Study

Nest emerged early on Wednesday Morning,  August 31, Day 56

90 Hatched eggs
4 unhatched eggs, all died during early development
1 live hatchling was found and released from the nest

95.7% Hatchling Success Rate

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