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Monday, September 5, 2011

Inventory of Nest #13, 6th Ave N, Ocean Drive

Holes, Holes And More Holes!!  NMB has been plagued with huge holes this summer.  Dug and left for someone else to deal with.  On July 7, a Loggerhead had to deal with this huge obstruction while coming ashore to nest.  Her flipper must have been was hitting the wall as she crawled up the beach.

Silas and Harriet discovered this crawl while walking Segment B.  
Searching for the eggs.  
Not where expected.

Rob and Linda probed for the eggs, they were finally found a little off center from the incoming crawl...was she sitting parallel to the ocean when she laid her eggs?  NMB Nest #13, 6th Ave North.

Eggs are here on the left, notice how far the probe went in.
Late on August 31 and into the early morning of  Sept. 1,  the hatchlings emerged.  End of one month, start of another.
Hatchling tracks coming from the egg cavity, ghost crab tracks outside the cage, checking out the nest.

Inventory of the nest was conducted on Sept. 4.

Unhatched eggs, all died early development.

Erin...Having fun yet?

Rob opening up unhatched eggs.

Bacteria got into this egg, yolk turned into a cheeszy consistency.

Thanks Julie for this beautiful picture!!!

Thank you Harriet and Silas for reporting this nest.  And thanks to all the volunteers who came early that morning to help.  Thank you all who watched over this nest until the hatchlings emerged.  Thank you Joe and Erin for helping to dig up this nest.
Thank you Julie for  sharing your great pictures.

Inventory Results:

Nest was found on July 7, small crawl width, small nest
47 eggs, 1 taken for DNA
46 eggs relocated back to the dunes

Hatchling emerged on early on Sept. 1.   Day 56
38 hatched eggs
8 unhatched, all died early development

82.6% hatchling success rate

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