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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Nest #4 Briarcliffe-Inventory

Early in the evening of June 3, Mary a volunteer with the  NMBSTP came across a Loggerhead coming ashore around 48th Ave S, Windy Hill.  So did many others on the beach that evening and the turtle was quickly swarmed, with pictures being taken and lights shined on her.  She made a quick U-Turn and went back into the ocean.  The next morning, Rick and Bex came across a crawl at the extreme end of the Briarcliffe Beach, very close to the swash that separates Windy Hill from Briarcliffe.  Brad and Brooks had continued their weekly walk pass the end of Windy Hill and over into Briarcliffe and also came upon and reported the crawl.  

The eggs were quickly found and the decision was made to move the nest away from the swash.  Betty and John also helped that morning.

Briarcliffe residents, under Pat's guidance, quickly formed a group and watched over this nest. 
A major crack was discovered on Monday, July 25 indicating the hatchlings were moving and some may have emerged at this time.

 A major boil, with tracks was discovered on July 29, on day 55 by Cindy and Larry.

Rob and Linda inventoried the nest on Aug 1.
Nest just before it was dug up to be inventoried on Monday, Aug 1.

108 eggs had been relocated.  106 empty shell were found, 2 undeveloped eggs were found...98%  hatchling success rate!!

Thank you to all who helped protect this nest!!

Inventory Results:

Nest found on June 4
Nest emerged on July 29, Day 55

109 eggs were in original nest
1 egg was taken for DNA study
108 relocated up the beach, away from the swash.

106 empty shells 
2 undeveloped, unhatched eggs
98% Hatching success rate!!

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